Almost everyone has enjoyed a round of mini golf at least once in their life. Perhaps on vacation at a course decorated with pirates and waterfalls, or at a local sports complex where the hills and tricky bank shots are key to a good round. In the past, the uniqueness of a course was dictated by the layout of the holes themselves, but changes in the industry are forcing many course owners to find new ways to create a distinctive experience for their customers.


With Mischief Mini Golf Card Game, memorable moments are created with cards that the players carry with them throughout the round. The cards effect game play in various ways, such as causing players to make a shot in a particular way, or allowing a free shot on a just missed putt.  With Mischief Spinners, players spin a wheel before they attempt their first shot on a hole, and the wheel will land on a fun task for each player to try. Both Mischief Mini Golf Card Game and Mischief Spinners cause every hole to become more fun and challenging, which is good for players and course owners alike. The best part is, it doesn’t matter if the players are playing a complex hole with steep slopes and tons of obstacles or a more simple ADA compliant hole, the experience will be fun!


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