Shawn Rogers, Owner, Putters Wild Mini Golf Course Alaska


"I just want to thank you for your wonderful customer service and for providing such an awesome product—our customers LOVE the Mischief Spinners!  These spinners really add a fun new dynamic to the sport.  Repeatedly, patrons have told us that the variety of challenges keeps the game fresh and entertaining every time they play.  We have them spread out randomly on our mini golf course but I’ve just placed a second order with you because people keep asking for more! And as your client, I appreciate how easy you made it to order and customized them with our logo.  Also, very simple installation—that was another big plus! It’s been a pleasure doing business together."


Stephen Lancaster, General Manager, Molten Mountain Mini Golf Myrtle Beach, SC


"The Mischief Spinners have added so much excitement to an already one-of-a-kind miniature golf course. We want our guests to remember and enjoy their visits with us, so we are constantly working on ways to raise the bar and set the standard in which others measure themselves from. Within a very small amount of time, I have seen a huge, positive reaction from our guests. Sales of the Mischief take home cards have gone up drastically, and overall our guests are finding their visit with us very memorable. Upon many observations of the Mischief Spinners gameplay, I have seen ear to ear smiles and laughs from the guests and they truly are having a blast playing a game that puts such a unique twist on an old family pastime. The fact of the matter is, this is fun, it's exciting, and it's an outstanding addition to our course. I am really glad we gave this a 'spin'."


Tim "Ace Man" Davies - Five Time World Crazy Golf Champion


"I played Mischief with my 7 year old son. We absolutely loved it! He gained a lot in terms of strategy, reading skills and had a wonderful time. I can thoroughly recommend this product. It does as the packet says "makes mini golf even more fun!"


Don Cullen - Owner, Big Don's Wild River Mini Golf


"Big Don's Wild River is an innovative FEC that provides a multi-faceted experience for our customers from our first rate miniature golf, to our Amaze'n Maze to our Discovery Activities. We are constantly seeking to improve our facility and our experience. When I first heard about Mischief Spinners, I became intrigued that they could provide another facet to our operation with a minimal cost outlay. They proved to do just that, enlarging our guest experience without stretching our budget. We get constant feedback that people were excited to try them, really enjoyed the experience and, from those who already had, that they were coming back with more friends to try them again."


Carl D. High Point, NC


"Mischief really sparked a lot of interaction between our group. It was great fun!"


Ashley D. Salisbury, NC


"I have not laughed this much in a long time."






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